"Kind Like Kyle" entry form and Location map

An act of kindness is any benevolent action that is performed in an effort to help someone when they are in need or to purely brighten their day for no other reason than that. It could be as simple as holding the door for a handicapped person or as big as paying someone's electric bill. A heartfelt display of selflessness and concern for your fellow man, something that came naturally to Kyle, is what is most important. If you’ve read other sections of this website on Kyle, you have seen that he was a very giving young man. Among other things, he wrote letters to those who were suffering, interviewed veterans for the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project, worked on trail crews that fixed and maintained hiking trails throughout the United States, and built a well and an aquaponics farm for the needy in Belize. With each action, from the biggest to the smallest, he hoped to brighten the lives of people not only in his own back yard, but throughout the world, as well. It, therefore, came as no surprise to us, that one of his goals was to one day join the Peace Corps.  

So, in Kyle’s memory, let’s spread some kindness. If you have performed an act of kindness, please enter what you have done in the data form below. Remember, it doesn’t matter how big or how small. We will then manually enter the location on the map. If each person pays forward a single act of kindness to ten people, then those ten people do the same, and this is done four more times, one million acts of kindness will have occurred. Isn’t that amazing? What’s even better, it is doable! So, please help us paint this map with flags of kindness!

NOTE: Some of you may have received a “Kind Like Kyle” wristband and/or a 5 X 7 card with information about Kyle on it. If you would like more of these to give as you spread kindness, please leave a message in the “contact us” section, and we will be happy to mail some to you.